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(Same except my irises are black) Hey I'm Ali. I'm sixteen and am the adopted daughter of Princess Peach ( Mario). I'm a dreamer, love reading and am really good at combat. I have magic and use it a lot I can also read minds and shape-shift

tumblr_makosdDp821qecz51o1_500.png (490×668)

A simple braid is always a good idea ♥ I wish my hair was a little lighter like this...

We present you a collection of most inspiring images found on the internet of design and photography.

lust-4-beauty: Stunning beauty…... ~ Molto Bella Bionda!

Perfection Make up. "be Pretty if you can, be Witty if you must, but be Gracious if it kills you." -Elsie De Wolfe

Sophia Myles portrays the character of Isolde in the movie "Tristan + Isolde"......

This is the very essence of the main character in my book, Auna. Sprinkles of freckles... long blond hair... a tragic, sorrowful, and mysterious look.

Being naked is a sort of freedom, it's what our primitive ancestors did, run around in the nude, and I'm sure they had more fun. I hate fashion. It's all so stupid and I have a wardrobe bursting with clothes I keep meaning to get rid of. -

Dr. Emma Ecalos S. Face is right, hair is almost, needs to be a bit more golden of a blond. that is also definatly NOT uniform. LOL But it is pretty close

Marzi was especially talented at tracking. She was the groups guide light. She lead the pack through the countries and could always tell where was safe to stop and rest.