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  • Laura Dietz

    beautiful face shot

  • Angie Ellis

    light #portrait #glamour #Photography

  • Cheryl Frechem

    This look is very natural and pretty. I used the body shop makeup to finish it off.Wear this when your going to a beach or anywhere where theres alot of nature around you cause it will look really great! Dont use dramatic makeup for this look.Use light makeup.

  • Dina

    gorgeous boheme fashion photography

  • Juli Wilson

    Candice Swanepoel by Paul de Luna (NSFW) > photo 104870 > fashion picture

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A simple braid is always a good idea ♥ I wish my hair was a little lighter like this...

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messy beautiful. Although my hair might be too long and thick for this look. It looks fantastic with her hair though.

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This is the color of hair I want for AreyAnna just much straighter and those eyes wore too so this is AreyAnna

I love Keira s makeup and often try to imitate it,but it doesn't work for me. We just aren't the same complexion.