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This was the best toy ever--stuck to the side of the bath and provided "tubs" of fun....LOVED THIS.

Oh how I loved my Tub Town!!! I really want to find one for my boys. The 80s had the best toys.

Rub-a-Dub Doggy! It's a bath toy. His ears would get wet, you pull a string, and he shakes his head.

Bath time barbie. Had it! Loved it!!!

bath toy from when I was little.

Sea Wees 1979 Kenner Sandy bath toy 70s80s doll. Mine had a green tail and red hair, just like Ariel!

remember these in your bathtub when you were a kid?

Bath Oil Beads... I didn't like these in baths, but I loved the way they looked and how they were slightly squishy if you gently squeezed them--just don't squeeze too hard. x_x

Critter Sitters - loved them! I mademy slam book in a bigger size CritterSitters

Kaleidoscope. We just bought one like this at a thrift store. Brought back memories.

I had this. I can imagine exactly what it sounds like. Must have wound that thing hundreds of times.