Easter centerpieces...cute!

Easter centerpiece with Peeps.

cute easter centerpiece

Easter candy arrangement

Easter Bunny peeps on a wooden skewer, wrapped in small cello bags. Flower pot with Easter grass and a bow completes the centerpiece.

Easter decor

Easter Table

Easter treats robinsmelody

jelly bean floral arrangement

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Bake a cake as normal then add peeps around it and put Ms on top

Top 10 DIY Home Decorations For Easter That Will Bring Smile On Your Face. #9 Will Amaze Your Friends For Sure.


Easter Decorations very simple

Easter decor


Kaylee Gardner Hello Kitty Easter Eggs

Easter treat

Use Kool-Aid to dye Easter Eggs. Just use water, no need for vinegar. But will I miss that vinegar smell I associate with egg dying???