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A great shawl by Brooklyn Tweed. The Rock Island pattern is available through Brooklyn Tweed or Ravelry. Brooklyn Tweed’s “Grand Street Ink” colorway is available at Lorna’s Laces.

All Seasons Slippers Knitting Pattern...talk about the perfect Christmas gift for the masses i know someone who could make these maybe if i send up some nice yarn???

All Seasons Slippers Knitting Pattern - I caution those who wear knitted slippers! Apply a non-slip bottom or tread carefully; I broke a wrist after I fell on the kitchen floor while wearing some *slip*pers that were knit with love.

Sugared Violets Shawl. Maybe I should learn how to knit, just to make this, it's so pretty!

Sugared Violets pattern by Rose Beck

Sugared Violets pattern by Rose Beck**what a beautiful color**aa

Стенpreferifo de tejidoа

El tejido es con dos agujas, pero las imágenes dan una buena idea para hacer un bolero con un rectángulo. Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. actually this can be done knitting, crochet, material as it is just a rectangle sewn to make sleeves!

Need to knit this one

Ribbed Sweater Dog Vest Free Knitting Pattern from the Pets Free Knitting Patterns Category and Knit Patterns at Craft Freely

Vysehrad, prague. photo by edgar barany.

French Press Knits: My Legacy/Pattern Release - shawl pattern, worn with Jul Silver pedestal buttons (removable buttons that don't need buttonholes) For Mom?

KNIT SHAWL Sweet Dreams pattern by Boo Knits-- This is one of five patterns in this beautiful collection. I must knit these.

Scottish Knitting Chart | https://d24b8wp6jbsvpy.cloudfront.net/pattern_picture_w496s/70804 ...

Misty Vales Stole by Dorothy Siemens, Fiddlesticks Knitting. Pattern for purchase.

If you purchase 5 or more patterns from my Ravelry Store at the same time (be sure to place them all in your cart before checking out), you will automatically receive a 25% discount.

Baby Cables and Big Ones Too pattern by Suvi Simola

Ravelry: Baby Cables and Big Ones Too pattern by Suvi Simola. I may use this pattern for my aqua Pear Tree yarn.

CRAFTY RED: Lattice Crochet Neck Warmer

CRAFTY RED: Lattice Crochet Neck Warmer, sz 10 needles in length and bulky yarn.wool if you can wear it.