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    New for 2014 Tomato Peron (Peron Sprayless) Virtually completely disease resistant

  • Emmie Lou Lindsay

    Peron Sprayless Tomato Seed " A miraculous variety developed by Prof. Abelardo Piovano at the National University of Argentina. Medium size semi-determinate bushy vines are very resistant to fungus diseases common to tomatoes. Foliage is semi-dense. A very heavy yielder of large size, slightly flattened globular fruits of the most extraordinary quality.  Ripens to a beautiful deep red color over the entire fruit without green or yellow shoulders. Its tough, velvety-smooth skin is very crack resistant and easily peeled without immersing in hot water, a rarity not found in other varieties. Flavor is mildly acid and of a most delicious taste. Fruits keep exceptionally long after ripening. The Peron tomato is called sprayless because it will produce a normal crop of quality fruit in most areas without any disease control. It performs wonderfully in the tropics where the fungus diseases get out of hand. Its drought resistance is terrific."

  • Tara Wohlenhaus

    Tough tomato - drought, fungus, and bug resistant?

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