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Funny pictures about Fruit Salad Rubik's Cube. Oh, and cool pics about Fruit Salad Rubik's Cube. Also, Fruit Salad Rubik's Cube photos.

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Could a regular fruit salad ever come off looking this elegant? Impress dinner party guests with this rubik's cube fruit design.

Pizza aux fruits

Idea: Watermelon Pizza (a pizza fruit salad) A cool summer treat, and healthy too!

Watermelon and grape fruit "cake" by sonya

Layered Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad {Beautiful Layered Version}

Beautiful Layered Fruit Salad beautiful colors would be great for a summer party I like it layered in that trifle bowl


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Easy Vegetarian Hors D'oeuvres - watermelon and feta

Just recently had watermelon in a salad with feta.was wierded out by watermelon in a savory dish but it was really yummy! watermelon cubes with feta and mint

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Eco-friendly Party Ideas

Fruit cake for toddler parties. Start by slicing the watermelon into wedges and then arrange them in a stack of circles (rinds facing out) to create a cake shape, as shown. Decorate the cake with the other fruits.

Kiwi Fruit Flower - they look like water lilies, so pretty! These would make cute party food!

1 sculpture of fruit and vegetable: How to Make Lotus Flower Kiwi in 1 Minute

If the idea of tomatoes and watermelon together sounds odd to you, this dish will be a revelation. There is a saying that what grows together goes together, and in this case it is true. If you think of tomatoes as a fruit, which they are botanically, this combination makes more sense. Seasonality, however, is the key. I make this salad only in the summer, when tomatoes, watermelon, and cucumbers are at their peak of flavor. Rich, creamy Hass avocadoes are included to lend a nice contrast of…

Tomato and Watermelon Salad

Tomato and Watermelon Salad / Maren Caruso~

Watermelon Art

Creative arts is the term used to describe different types of art. These photos of stunning carved watermelon exemplify that fact.

Party ideas

The photo explains how to make a fruit pizza

This is the fanciest meat and cheese board I have ever seen

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Kiwi als Blume ausstechen und obendrauf kommt eine Himbeere.

Kiwi als Blume ausstechen und obendrauf kommt eine Himbeere.

Love this.... So easy , simple and pretty.  My table is gonna shine!!

Beautiful creative vegetable tray tomatoes (center looks like a rose) cucumber black olives

Bacon Bowls. Oh the possibilities. Salad bow, salad toppings etc...

Bacon Cups for salad or mashed potatoes. I don't know if this is a brilliant idea or a terrible one! Brilliant because yum! Terrible because it gives me the excuse to eat SO MUCH BACON.is that negated by putting a salad in it?