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    "Helena Citrónová, a Slovakian Jew deported to Auschwitz in 1942, drew the attention of a SS guard named Franz Wunsch. Helena’s feelings for Wunsch, however, changed over time, especially when her sister and her sister’s children arrived at Auschwitz Birkenau. Helena learned that they were to be sent to the gas chamber and her SS admirer tried to help them."

    Andrée Geulen. Belgium. The Belgian teacher who became the rescuer of hundreds of children ~ Link for her story of bravery.

    The little ones that got away: Incredible stories of Jewish children who survived the Nazi holocaust Heart-moving stories of 15 of these children are told for the first time Book, by Tina Huettl and Alexander Meschnig released in English. By ALLAN HALL. PUBLISHED: 23 March

    Agustí Centelles - A woman cries over body of her husband in the cemetery of Lleida. Nov 3, 1937. In 1988, journalist Joseph Pernau, discovered the image during the making of a report, “Children of War,” and became “livid”… those in the picture were his parents. S)

    Block 6. Part of the exhibition dedicated to the face of over 230,000 children, mostly Jews, who were deported to Auschwitz and born in the camp. Great majority of them was murdered upon arrival in gas chambers.

    Irena Sendler smuggled some 2,500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto and then provided them with false identity documents and with housing outside the Ghetto, saving those children during the Holocaust.[5]

    Kira Zylberszac older sister of Serge Zylberszac. Murdered in Auschwitz on August 19, 1942 at age 7.

    Jeannine Leiseroff | Remember Me: Displaced Children of the Holocaust

    Frank Sachnowitz from Larvik, Norway, was arrested at the age of 17 on October 26, 1942. He was deported to Auschwitz, where his father and five brothers and sisters were murdered. Frank was selected for the skeleton exhibit of nazi doctor August Hirtz. Frank died in the gaschamber of KZ Natzweiler-Struthof.

    Jenny-Wanda Barkmann, 24, female guard at the Stutthof concentration camp, hangs from the neck after being executed for atrocities during her "career." She and several others were hanged near Danzig on 4 July 1946. Barkmann brutalized female prisoners viciously and selected women and children for the gas chamber.

    1957 A German World War II prisoner, released by the Soviet Union, is reunited with his daughter. The child had not seen her father since she was one-year-old.

    Portrait of three-year-old Anna Glinberg, a Jewish child who was later killed during the mass execution at Babi Yar, Kiev, Ukraine where on September 29–30, 1941, 33,771 Jews were killed in a single operation.

    Adolf Hitler on a walk with Helga Goebbels, 1936. Ain't it sweet? What is really scary is poor little Helga. Through no fault of her own, this adorable child was not only born into the heart of the Nazi environment, but murdered by her own Nazi parents in a murder-suicide spurt, 1945.

    "In 1939, right after the Germans invaded, Warsaw began to see trainloads of blonde, blue-eyed children being taken to "Germanization" camps in Germany. Everyone in Warsaw knew about a certain group of women...when the trains pulled in, they tried to convince the German guards to accept bribes in exchange for some of the children." Irena Sendler was one of these women. Later she did everything she could to save Jewish children, including the ones in this photo. (1944)

    Lodz, Poland, Children bidding farewell from their parents through a chainlink fence.

    The Boy: A Holocaust Story -- Hardcover (272 pages), paperback, kindle -- A child, arms high in the air. A moment captured on film, arguably the most recognizable photograph of the Holocaust. This book unpacks this split second that was immortalized on film and unravels the stories of the individuals associated with it. #WWII #History

    Irish doctor Robert Collis carrying child Holocaust survivor Zoltan Zinn-Collis, Bergen-Belsen 1945. Zoltan's father was Jewish and his mother was Protestant.

    Sylvia Likens - Murder victim from Indiana. She was tortured to death by Gertrude Baniszewski, Gertrude's children, and other young people from their neighborhood. Her parents had left her, and her sister, in the care of the Baniszewski family three months before her death so they could work the carnival. There was a book and movie made about "the most terrible crime ever committed in the state of Indiana"

    Betrayed by the husband of the woman hiding her, she was murdered along with her little sister Leana in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

    dachau concentration camp | From the children’s home of the Church to the gas chambers of ...

    Jewish children in the Kraków ghetto. 1939-11, Kraków, Poland