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Janis Pettit is my coach and a great model for my business. She is responsible for encouraging me to finally own up to what I am really worth. AND...she gave me this great assignment...make a vision board.

Ray Edwards - #NAMS11 Instructor. Extraordinary copywriter and internet business expert.

Jeanne Kolenda - #NAMS11 Instructor. Jeanne gives business entrepreneurs the training they need to be successful.

Michele Scism - #NAMS11 Instructor. Decisive Minds, Success Strategies for Women Business Owners.

Isabel Parlett is my coach and her business is a great model that I follow. But most of all she helped me to discover how to open my right brain and actually enjoy writing. Not to mention her guidance that encouraged me to dance and move to my own beat to get the creative juices flowing.

Kim Schneider - Role Model for my dear friend that sends me many a virtual hug, my mentor, my business coach, my spiritual guide.

Being a role model for my kids, Melody and Nathaniel, that, although things can look hopeless, with perseverance, hard work, believing in yourself and faith your dreams WILL come true.

Bob "The Teacher" Jenkins - #NAMS11 Instructor. Internet Marketing Training for Business Professionals.