Half-up curls

Balayage on brunette hair

The Small Things Blog: Half Up Braids

curl hair in mermaid waves, make two large messy/loose braids to connect around at the back of head. Now take the left side of your hair hanging beneath the braid and pull it over and then under to the right of the leftside braid. Viola! Now your hair sits prettily to the right, mermaid loose wonderfulness! You can do on left side if you like your hair to sit there more than the right side. (:

Halston Bright Coral Strapless Belted Dress--this is what I want to do with my hair once I grow it out. The longer it is, the more it just does those little waves on its own, so I'm hoping this will work without me having to use a curling iron.

Braid half up half down updo, prom / wedding hair

Gorgeous half up do

Gorgeous Hair. I love the pretty brown color with highlights the style too.

Pretty Brunette Hair Color with highlights

LOVE this color.

Balayage (painted-on) highlights. What a perfect way to perk up brunette hair.

warm and cool chocolate browns. Hmmm, this makes me really want to dye my hair back to brown. Love it.



pretty hair color for fall

Love this deep rich DARK brown. www.gmichaelsalon.com

Half up-half down

Dark red rich hair color with caramel highlights

love this hair

perfect curls