kitty litter cake.......because I think it's novel and fun to pretend I'm eating cat shit.

Oreo Eyeball Cake

preheat oven to 350 line, 12 muffin cups with paper liners ,prepare brownie mix, put 1 tsp peanut butter on top of 2 oreos, stack ,and spoon 2 table spoons of brownie mix onto oreos. bake 18-20 mins. I'm so trying this!

simple halloween desserts

spider cookies

Halloween Cookie Dough Pops Tutorial

Creamy Pineapple Dessert - great for summer! 1 lg can crushed or chunk pineapple with juice, 1 lg box vanilla pudding mix and 8 oz cool whip. Mix together & chill.yum

Peanut Butter Crack Brownies I said oh my word when I read the recipe - now I've had them - Oh. My. Word..

Disgusting Toilet Halloween Decoration

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownie Layer Cake

So funny!! What happens when you put Jello inside of straws? JELLO WORMS! You rubber band the straws together. Pour the jello mixture in the straws. The liquid will fill the straws and around the outer straw. Place it in the fridge until it gelled. Pull out the clump of banded straws. Run warm water over the straws for about 5 seconds, and the fabulously disgusting life like worms slide out! So gross but kids will love it... maybe!

How To Make Translucent Potato Chips That Look Like Shards of Glass (but taste like potato chips...April Fools Day at the office?)

Kitty Litter Cake: Gross Halloween Party Food - so funny!

This webpage has lots of gross snacks for Halloween...used band aids?!?how cool... and gross!

I LOVE mint and chocolate put together. Unfortunately I cant eat them but I can still make them for someone else.

AWESOME collection of halloween food...seriously it's fantastic. We are having a party this year, right?


Halloween Polka Dot Cupcakes - with Reeses cute and so simple!

Jello Worms - Click for Recipe

21 Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Veggie Skeleton