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Brown Paper Bag Floors. OMG you guys know I love home projects I'm soooo doing this upstairs! Thanks Reagan!!!!

Skip the hardwood, and instead cover the subfloor with crumpled brown paper, stain and varnish? Yeah, that's definitely a possibility.

who would have thunk it? that floor is made with paper bags, I kid you not, and theres a tutorial!

Brown Paper Flooring with Handmade Stencil!, This bathroom floor used to be white and red tile. It just was not working with my new decor. So I covered it with brown contractor paper and made a stencil from a piece of paper. , Brown paper floor with handmade terry cloth shower curtain...feels just like a towel :), Home Decor Project

Brown paper bag floors: Tear brown paper bags or painter roll and make sure edges are torn – not cut. 2. Crumple for texture and dip in a bowl of 50/50 elmer’s glue and water. 3. Spread on floor and smooth-out any air bubbles. 4. Apply up to six coats of Polyurethane making sure to completely dry between coats.

Made em, and then added paint to them to accent my room. Brown paper lunch bags...who woulda thought

LOVE this floor!!!! And it's made from paper bags!

The risers of the subfloor had a lot of knicks and dings in them--and I wasn't too keen on having to apply 3 coats of white paint to get the risers looking good.  So, I brushed a textured wallpaper border {called anaglypta} with more elmer's glue, and applied to to the risers.  I love anaglypta because looks so much like vintage painted copper ceilings.

brown paper bag floors/walls (do you think I could do the outside of the house too? LOL)