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    ojime: pewter; netsuke: ivory

    Inro, Ojime, Netsuke

    ivory netsuke of a cat on awabi shell ~ inro with ebi, crayfish ~ unsigned ivory four-case inro, 19th century ~ red lacquer ebi ~ height 3 3/4 in., 9.6 cm An unusual inro decorated with a large tsuishu (carved red lacquer) crayfish wrapping around the ivory cases, the rough texture of the crustacean body contrasts with the polished legs and tentacles, the eyes of black lacquer, the ivory cases bearing a warm patina; with mustard-colored glass ojime

    dancing fox netsuke, ivory, Japan, 18th century

    Netsuke: Pleasure Boat Japan, 19th century The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    An Ivory Netsuke

    19th Century Japanese Carved Ivory Mouse Traveler Netsuke Signed Gyokuseki

    Springtime of Life, 1899, Uemura Shōen Kyoto Municipal Museum #brushpainting #fineline #Ink and Wash Painting #Chinese Art #Japanese Art

    Japan Catfish, 19th century Netsuke, Ivory with staining, inlay; obihasami type


    Case (Inrō) with Chrysanthemum Decoration, Edo period (1615–1868), 18th–19th century, Gold and silver maki-e with inlay of mother-of-pearl on lacquered ground, 7.4 x 5.4 x 2.5 cm ©The Metropolitan Museum of Art #Inro, #Urushi, #Laque, #Japon, #Lacquer, #Japan

    Man Carrying a Pumpkin, 1700-1800, by Naoyuki. Japan. Netsuke; Wood. The Avery Brundage Collection,

    Ivory Netsuke

    Netsuke. Snail on tub. Made of wood.. 19th century, Japan, by artist Shigemasa

    Waiting for the Moon, 1926, Courtesy of the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

    Netsuke and Inrō with Treasure Boat

    Netsuke, Edo priod (1603-1868), Japan


    Carved ivory netsuke of a swan. Likely early 19th century, Japan

    Netsuke, British Museum London

    Kajikawa School (Japan, died N/A) Inro, Ojime, Netsuke, 19th century Costume/clothing accessory/waistwear, Four-case inro with gold takamakie with design of flowering plum tree, house, and ducks on black lacquer; gold lacquer bead ojime; ivory pair of Chinese lions netsuke