Glass bead magnets

Festive Magnets

These DIY magnets are SO easy to make with decoupage medium and scrapbook paper! They have a fun nautical theme and make great gifts.


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glass tile pendants make your own

I've made Bottlecap magnets like this by putting magnets on the back but I never thought of using mod podge I'll try that next time I make my bottlecap magnets | miscellaneous DIYS


I will make you also. So simple. Great gift idea... via:

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Cool idea : bake marbles and they become flat and look like these. These were made into necklaces

Glowing waterbeads - these things are so cool and easy to make!

Put a picture in a jar of olive oil. The oil preserves the picture and gives it a sepia tone. Plus a totally unique way of displaying pictures.

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DIY Glass Button Magnets.

Kids will LOVE this!

Making molds from everyday things.

Fun DIY necklace idea.

Mini Mason Jar Candy Cupcakes DIY craft using caulk and beads.