This is an online game which can guess a real or fictional character you're thinking of just by asking you 20 simple questions. I just tried this!! It's creepy how often the genie's guesses are correct...even when challenged with super obscure characters. Try this "You Just Realized" site at

F.U. M.E. Some things can Do little things as you Multitask. Stay focused when it matters Delegate & ask for help {and then accept Create a schedule. Limit tv watching and internet Let go of Grab hold of the really valuable moments.

Pride and Prejudice proposal. This is the best proposal I have ever seen

I always say this, but see so many in relationships just to have an easy life because they're to lazy to work on it, or too dumb to hold onto what they have been blessed with. With relationships and love, there is work involved. Give it all you've got...

tobiasxva: “ xshed: “ This rules so hard ” fuck yeah, this is a must next time I’m in Philly if it’s true ”

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