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  • Casey Meginnes

    DIY Nail Design *Rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper transfers the designs onto your nails.

  • Angie Maguire

    Rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper nail art. This may make me want to paint my nails more!

  • Paige Green

    Rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper, it transfers the designs onto your nailss!

  • Crystal Wade

    Rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper for awesome nail art

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Prited tranfers for nail art! light color nail polish (white, light pink, cream, pale green,you get the idea….) rubbing alcohol in a small cup (I used a medicine cup.) digital supplies (laser print or copy) nail polish topcoat

1. Put on nail polish and let dry. 2. Dip fingernail in alcohol-basically any will do, vodka is suggested. 3. Press a strip of newspaper big enough to cover the whole nail on to your alcohol soaked nail. 4. Pull off slowly and be really impressed with yourself. 5. Paint top coat if desired.

Supplies Needed: - Scrapbook paper - Tape - Ribbon Find a stencil of your favorite animal online and print it out. Trace the shape onto a variety of scrapbook paper. Cut out. Attach the animal to colorful ribbon using hot glue. Hang the ribbon up on your wall with putty or tape! It's an instant decoration!

Might be awesome to try this with scrapbook paper for gifts!

Craft Paper Storage: Special order 2 gallon ziptop bags, 1 gallon bags won't hold 12x12" scrapbook paper. The best price I found was for 13x15" ziptop bags on Amazon in a 100 pack for about $16. Get packs of pants hangers at your local big box store.

Learn to decorate your nails with paper! Newspaper, scrapbook paper, magazine..anything with this simple tutorial

So cool! Put a drop of black nail polish in water and spray with rubbing alcohol for the turquoise stone effect.

Nail Pop's Turquoise Nail Photo Tutorial. No written steps, but you can get the idea from the picture. The small spray bottle has rubbing alcohol in it. I suggest using tape to cover areas of the fingertip that you dont want polish on.

These nails aren't painted you make them using scrapbook paper