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JFK - A Liberal... definitively our second favorite President, John F. Kennedy follows FDR on our list.

John Kennedy

And imagine a world where the Republicans run the tables and get everything they want!

You say i'm liberal like it's a bad thing. Take Back the Word LIBERAL.

a game of sorts # gun control

The beauty of feminism is that it's strategic goals includes the betterment for men as well. That in my opinion is how many women think "naturally." Just as I argue there are biological factors to masculinity, I argue the same for feminism. Many women are soft and caring creatures. I say many because the world is not black and white, there are beautiful shades of gray.

Or maybe just Thank People who care more about the world they live in, than their bank accounts!

Care about people...What have Teabagger/Republicans done for the people of this country except Obstruct, Try to Block President Obama's every move and perpetuate Hate and Intolerance?? Never seen such Ugliness and I AM PROUD to be everything Teapublicans ARE NOT!! Caring, Decent, Compromising and Fair....something Teabags no nothing about!!

Definition of "liberal" - open to new behavior and information.