Food Chopper

Fast food ashtrays


Wow, 44% alcohol plus morphine... it may be habit forming, imagine that.

Mattel Tuff Stuff Shopping Cart and Food ~ i had this....i would pretend i was shopping and i had a play cash register and i'd ring up the sale too...using play money of course lol

Tupperware Sugar Bowl I have a couple of these.

Mercurochrome.. Always skinning my knees.. and Mom would break out the dreaded 'red stuff'

I still have mine... on the front porch for visitors.

70's Villaware Nut Chopper

1970's vintage chopper - chop chop chop The commercial made cutting an onion, with a knife, look nearly impossible. Cracked me up!

Almost everybody had these Tupperware salt and pepper shakers in the 1970's

Clackers...I remember, my pair was green

1970s Rival avocado green crock pot

Kissing Potion Lip Gloss! I loved this stuff!

We had one just like this! Vintage/Retro G E Can Opener

tupperware measuring cups and spoons...still have mine!!

Klackers. Klik-Klaks.

When a penny meant something.

Children's corning ware set

Remember these? Indestructible This was the pattern and color my parents bought when they first came out.(Patty)

I've seen the deer at some relative's house in the past but I don't have any. I do have a set of spaghetti poodles with the chains though.