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The black eagle, like all eagles, is in the family Accipitridae, but is the only member of the genus Ictinaetus. It breeds primariy in tropical Asia. by Another Timothy

☀Golden Eagle-2.jpg by Lynn Chamberlain on Flickr*

Golden Eagle at Camperdown Wildlife Centre in Dundee, Scotland. (Photo credit:

☀Close profile of a brown bird of prey by Tambako the Jaguar**

Golden eagle....pretty sure I saw one yesterday...10/22/2013

^Golden eagle - If I'm lucky, and they want to fly low, I can see them swoop from my deck! Shear grace!

Soaring through the skies, the Golden eagle is a breathtaking bird of prey! With its 2.3m wingspan, this incredible creature scours the ground below, looking for rabbits, mountain hares, grouse and ptarmigans.

Golden Eagle. I saw a pair of these while staying in Ponca, AR. Beautiful!!