Bacon pancakes

Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog.

Baked Beans with Pineapple and Bacon - I've had this and it's super deelish!

Homemade fruit rollups - the only ingredient is fruit. Puree, spread, bake 3-4 hours at 175 and done.

Shut the front door!!! OH MY!!!


Crazy Bacon Cinnamon Rolls - Thinkarete

Baked Potatoes Casserole with Cream Cheese, Bacon, and Garlic

Have to try it this year!

Bacon Cheeseburger Dip

Bacon, egg, cheese breakfast cups

Bacon and egg grilled cheese. OH MY!

Bacon Egg and Cheese Brunch Ring recipe - food breakfast / brunch idea. - Flaky Pillsbury® dough is the base for this brunch that looks fabulous, but is as easy as can be! To make it even easier, check out our step-by-step photos and tips.

Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes

Cupcakes for breakfast? Absolutely, when theyre these savory ones with all your fave breakfast goodies tucked inside!

These beautiful pancakes were made by drawing with the batter from a squirt bottle onto a hot griddle!

Primal "Twiced" Baked Cauliflower Recipe

Pancake Dippers with bacon

Black Quinoa Pancakes by; Photo by Mark Woolcott Photography

French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes! Need to make these for the office.