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Petra, Jordania.que hermoso

Los 100 lugares más bellos del mundo..

Ancient City of Petra in Jordan, Amazing. My first encounter with this place was truly of a spiritual nature.so much history.

chairs jardin de lux

luxembourg garden chair

Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris - One of my favorite places from my Europe trip.

L'automne aux Jardins du Luxembourg, Paris, France♥ Inspirations, Idées & Suggestions, JesuisauJardin.fr, Atelier de paysage Paris, Stéphane Vimond Créateur de jardins ♥ #Paris #Garden #jardin:

Autumn at Luxembourg Gardens, Paris Au fond, le Panthéon

Luxembourg park in Paris

Medici fountain, Luxembourg Garden, Paris ❤️❤️❤️ how can anyone not fall in love with and in this place?

Pont des amours, Annecy, France...just stunning...I MUST go!!

The Bridge of Love (Pont des Amours), Annecy, France by Capucine Lambrey. One of the most exquisite villages in France. My first emersion French course was in Annecy France. I fell in love with this area of France.

Jardin du Luxembourg | Paris, France 2015 www.parisinfourmon… | Carin Olsson | Flickr

The Jardin du Luxembourg is one of the most famous gardens in Paris, France.

Disneyland,Paris France

Snowy Disneyland in Paris, France. Visited Disney Paris in the Spring. Much like Disney World when it first opened up in Florida. The kids enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland maze.

Paris: winter in Paris

Paris in winter. We have spend many Christmas vacations in France. One time my parents were with us. We left them at the airport outside of Paris and headed back to Spain. It looked like photo, it makes me smile!