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Funny-Star Wars- If I ever am in charge of an escalator - It's getting a paint job.

One Sith, Two Sith, Red Sith, Blue Sith

Quite funny because all my cats have been named after Star Wars characters: 1) Jabba the Cat, "Jabba" 2) Chewbacca, "Chewie" 3) R2D2, "R2" 4) Han Solo, "Han" * We tried having Yoda, but he didn't play well with others and had to go to a new home. :)

This is sheer comic genius. Understated and hits the nail on the head.Twitter / Gallery - #disneystarwars

Star Wars Babies: it bothers me that they put Darth Vader here. He didn't become Darth Vader until he was an adult. Any geek knows this.

Yes... I am geek-y enough to not only think this is funny, but to know which movie it's from.

The Pinner I got this from labeled it "Scar Wars". Fantastic.

Rapunzel as Princess Leia The Very Best of the Disney/Star Wars Mash-Up Art<-- This is awesome on so many levels!

A Knife Holder Shaped Like an X-Wing Starfighter From ‘Star Wars’ The officially licensed Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter Knife Holder from The Fowndry will “give your regular old kitchenware a rebellious kick in the vegetables.” Their chrome-effect plastic knife holder comes loaded with five stainless steel knives and is available to purchase online.