Wine Bottle Crafts... for all those empty wine bottles lol...I should have enough empty bottles to make these.

Wine Bottle Craft.


wonder if this works or I will need to be taken to the hospital to remove glass shards?

glitter bottles

Crown Royal bottle painted and sanded...have some other bottles to try this on

Wine Bottle + Hot Glue Gun + Spray Paint = Awesome!

yarn wrapped bottles

Most of us would buy expensive vases at the department stores. But if you take time to look around your house you'll find plain bottles and these bottles can be gorgeous with a little colorful paints to add. Recycled bottles into beautiful vases or whatever you like to do with it.

wine corks

Fun reuse of old materials

For when I build my own restaurant. I also like this idea as a travel kitchen island, for the back of the Westfalia. The bottles would start full and wind up empty by the end of your trip. "Table made from wooden planks and wine bottles"

Snowman painted on a bottle of Wine.

Beautiful Bottle Craft | DIY & Crafts Tutorials

Wine Bottles, Christmas lights and family Pictures!

Cutting glass bottles.

Starbucks bottles recycled

wine bottles

Wine bottle

Silver spray paint on old wine bottles! ...@Rose Martinez

Masses of ways to repurpose light bulbs! These are all great and we don't need to buy anything much to do them! In an earlier pin I found how she is getting the bottom out of the light bulb and labeled it such so you can look in the board here for it. Simple. No waste of old light bulbs.