I really like this design. It uses the simple ocean design then adds to it. The scene is flipped within a bubble and added to the original photo without adding clutter. this would be so interesting to experiment with by adding the Caledonian connects logo

I love board games, colors, sweet potato fries, wine, traveling, pesto, photo booths, freckles, crossword puzzles, giraffes, roller coasters, fonts, graph paper, passports, dinosaurs, lists, parks, string cheese and maps.

This represents the abstract unknown of life that can be looked at from distorted angles. In this the image is almost clear and it can only be cleared up by nature, this a parallel to life.

Jung's naming of the shadow wasn't his major achievement; neither was his theory of archetypes. His major achievement was to show that human beings share a self. "Who am I?" depends on "Who are we?"- Deepak Chopra, The Shadow Effect