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    Foil Pack cooking ideas

    Boy Scout Recipes--tons of outdoor/camping cooking recipes

    Dishwashing while camping

    Foil packet recipes for camping

    how to build a campfire for cooking

    Smart Tips For Packing Campfire Meals For Outdoor Camping

    Winning Camping Recipes for Campfire Cuisine - by Scouting Magazine - we've tried several of these, and they are great

    really impressive site for camping recipes

    Easy Camping Meal and Food Ideas - Hobo Tin Foil Dinners

    Boondockers Foil Cooking, a ton of great camping recipes for Juniors earning their Camper badge. (to make the whole experience girl-led, let the girls choose what they want to cook, make the shopping list and then cook the food.)

    rv packing

    Over the fire grill for camping--$40

    How to start a fire in the rain - Scouting magazine


    This site has some awesome camping dinner ideas. My favorites are always the foil packs. Everyone can put together their own and as long as it's completely sealed it's easy to cook. Will have to try some of these this summer.

    Dutch Oven Pizza, Camp Cooking Recipes, Pizza Recipes, Dutch Oven Recipes, Camp Fire Cooking, Cast Iron Pan Recipes

    breakfast burritos wrapped in tin foil. Just throw them on the grill to heat! Other great camping ideas too!

    How to Pack a Camp Kitchen

    You want pancakes when you camp... But it's messy, you have to take milk and eggs... What if you pre-made it before you left and stored them in bags. Freeze it, pack it, and just cut the tip off when you are ready to cook. Easy clean up!

    Easy Campfire Foil Package Breakfast: in a small bowl wisk together 6 eggs, 1/3c milk, 1/8t salt, 1/8t garlic powder, and hot sauce to taste. Pour into foil tart pans. Sprinkle cheddar cheese, green onions and bacon bits on top. Cover each pan with tinfoil and grill covered for 20-25 minutes or until eggs are set. EAT!

    What to pack in you permanent camping bins. You'll be ready to hit the great outdoors anytime!