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Night Moscow

Soviet Republics

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@annakur's photo: "Night Moscow"

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Russian History

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Zhenya'S Childhood

Moscow 1980S

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Arbat Street, Moscow, 1980s My neighborhood back in my hometown

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1961 Moscow

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Moscow, 1960 | Photo by Marc Riboud

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Red Square at night, Moscow, Russia #travel #photos #russia

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A View on Kremlin from Moscow river. Moscow, Russia

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Evdokia Pasko - a legendary woman-aviator from the 46th Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment ("Night Witches").

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Artist's conception of the 1,600-foot Palace of Soviets: Moscow, 1937

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Illegal Drone

He wasted no time in getting started. Agencies, tourism bureaus, and other clients commissioned Chapple for photos of iconic sites, such as Hotel Ukraina in Moscow, Russia, seen below.

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Socialist Republics

Ussr 1922

1922 1991

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Building Moscow

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Ussr War

The bricklayers putting up a building, Moscow, May 1947

Moscow Red

Moscow 1955

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Russia Moscow

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French Photographer

Bresson Red

Only after Stalin’s death in 1953 were the first western photographers allowed into Moscow and to take the first photographs of the Soviet State. These images are from a very early French photographer, letting the world see the people of Moscow for the first time in a decade.

Foursquarefrom Foursquare


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Night Russia

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Moscow State University.

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Romanovs 1613

St. Petersburg, Russia

iFOODrealfrom iFOODreal

Russian Chicken Rice Pilaf

Pilaf Ifoodreal

Ifoodreal Healthy

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Chicken Rice Pilaf

Russian Food 3

Russian Chicken

Russian Chicken Rice Pilaf. Recipe from iFOODreal.

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Russian Orthodox

Winter in Tobolsk city, Russia

Vikalinkafrom Vikalinka

Kefir Blini or Russian Crêpes (Take II

Russian Roots

Russian Winter

Gostepriimstvo Russian

Delish Crepes

Crepes Sweet

Delicious Pancakes

Kefir Blini

Crepes Blintzes

Russian Blini Recipe

Russian Crepes "Blini" - I think we will name our Siberian (who was born in Moscow) Blini.

Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

Poverty, prostitutes and the long, slow death of the Soviet Union: Haunting pictures show desperate struggle to survive in last days of USSR

Room Fmp1

Med Room

Hospital Ward

Hospital Room

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History Meno

1991 Photo

Looks more like the 1970s: Women patients sit at a table with food and fold their laundry in a rundown hospital ward in Moscow in July 1991. (1991!!!! That means this was in MY lifetime, and I'm only 22.)

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Laika Лайка

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Laika Matchbox

Sputnik Ii

First passenger on Sputnik - Laika!

Film Gross

Night Watch

Soviet History

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Dazzling Mix


Biting Horror

Sergei Lukyanenko

Featuring the cinematic vision of cutting-edge director/writer Timur Bekmambetov, "Day Watch" is the next installment in the best-selling sci-fi novels of Sergei Lukyanenko. When the previous installment, "Night Watch," was released in its native Russia in July 2004, it became an instant smash hit breaking all film gross records in post-Soviet history. A dazzling mix of state-of-the-art visual effects, amazing action sequences and nail-biting horror set in contemporary Moscow

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