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Accent wall! I have always imagined doing an accent wall with this pattern in Adalyn's room since she was born, but of course pink instead of grey =]

I would love an accent wall, but I don't want the room to get too dark. Also, I like the pops of color here. That's not exactly the shade of purple I would do, but I think dark teal and purple can work together. I still like yellow, but I like that orange against the wall too.

Alex L-Shaped Sectional

OMG I LOVE THIS!!! -Kristi This transitional Living Room with an accent blue wall in convination with the grey color on the secctional on contrats with the with and black dining room, look so elegant and modern.

Easton, Suffolk, England, UK - A crinkle crankle wall, also known as a crinkum crankum, serpentine, ribbon or wavy wall, is an unusual type of garden wall. - The crinkle crankle wall economizes on bricks, despite its sinuous configuration, because it can be made just one brick thin. If a wall this thin were to be made in a straight line, without buttresses, it would easily topple over. The alternate convex and concave curves in the wall provide stability and help it to resist lateral forces.