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    I want a shiba Inu puppy so bad - look at this precious face. Aaaaaaaargh.

    Are you considering a Shiba Inu as a pet? Straight from an owner, learn all about the Shiba Inu temperament, personality, quirks, & more of this dog breed.

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    Shiba inu

    This little lady who has ears that are so adorable the entire population of planet Earth has been overcome with cuteness. | 27 Puppies Who Are Too Cute To Be Real

    The 30 Most Shiba Inu Things That Have Ever Happened In The History Of Shiba Inus

    Akita inu

    Adorable Shiba Inu puppy! #CuteShiba @PetPremium Pet Insurance

    OMG, I want a German Shepherd puppy so bad! When they get older they can be used to fight zombies, so really it's pretty practical.

    Corgi puppies are so adorable that little face could steal some hearts =)

    Shiba Inu

    I've decided that when I get a dog, I'm getting a Shiba Inu. He looks just like a baby fox!

    dat-shiba: Shiba Inu - II (by Owwski)

    “Don’t worry! I’ll guard the car while the big dogs catch the bad guy.” | 18 Adorable Puppies On Their First Day Of Work

    Soulful little face.

    Shiba Inu puppiesa are confident, courageous and absolutely loving!


    Yes!!!! I need this little furry ball of cuteness #precious #adorable #soft #puppy #pets #animals #dogs