• Amanda Melville

    Instant outdoor sink- no plumbing required. Perfect for the back yard for kids to wash hands and also for gardening

  • Jerry Jordan Stephenson

    Outdoor sink. No plumbing required. Great to wash hands outside, connects to any outside spigot.

  • Amber Trimble

    Instant Outdoor Sink, no plumbing required. This convenient outdoor sink makes it easy to rinse vegetables, repot plants, clean garden tools and clean up after a day in the yard.

  • Tara Gardner-Wood

    I need this!!!!!! I needed it today!! Outdoor sink. No {extra} plumbing required. great for the kids to wash hands outside. connects to any outside spigot < great idea www.improvementsc...

  • Kelly Kinsman

    Outdoor garden sink. No {extra} plumbing required. great for the kids to wash hands outside. connects to any outside spigot

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