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graptoveria paraguayense variegata - Buscar con Google

Full size picture of Echeveria 'Ebony' (Echeveria agavoides). This would look good with the Dichondria Silver Falls and other red flowers.

https://flic.kr/p/pzdXZE | Graptoveria Titubans | 密集

Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri 20 seeds Cactus Succulent Garden Plant Gift Flower


69 Tips for Cactus Arrangements in Containers and Landscapes -

Crassula mesembrianthemopsis is a succulent plant with very low growing rosettes, even sometimes growing partially in the soil.

This plant has recently been raised to full species level as Graptopetalum superbum.

LARGE CRESTED Graptoveria Fred Ives Cristata Rooted Succulent Plant R4978