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Darth Vader & #Guiness #beer || #starwars #darthVader #stormtrooper #lol #Funny || Follow

I like this a lot, but I don't know - reading fantasy sometimes helps me to see the adventures in everyday life! If I didn't read, I think my dreams WOULD be smaller, but as it is... We all can dream of saving the world. :)

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Awesome libraries around the world

amazing libraries... 1) The Queen's College Library at Oxford in England 2) Klementinum Library in Prague 3) The Abbey Library of Saint Gall in Switzerland 4) Trinity College Library in Dublin Also, for more awesome libraries... and...

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Stylized Game of Thrones maps make Westeros and Essos look like pleasant places to vacation

Essos Map ~ Game of Thrones by Kitkat Pecson

OMG MAKE THIS REALITY!!>>BETTER YET ALLOW US TO JOIN THE WORLD OF FANTASY<<WE COULD GET DEGREES IN FANDOMS! <<<< let's be honest. This can't help you get a college degree so it should be a summer camp!<<< um no it can be a college degree if you believe stop ruining my hopes and dreams

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Obi-Wan Owns Gandalf [Picture]


HP Drinking Game @Laura Truby For our 21st birthdays, let's have a Harry Potter party and play this and Qudditch Pong. We'll be the cool kids :)