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I need hulk hands!!

Hulk Sad- My dad's favorite quote from Big Bang Theory

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock explained!

Paper, Rock, Scissors, Lizard, Spock from the Big Bang Theory. I just might put this on a board. Plz comment and decide which one!

the cast of "the big bang theory" (from left: kunal nayyar, johnny galecki, kaley cuoco, jim parsons, simon helberg)

Big Bang Theory, cliche, comedy by numbers dross. Every time I watch this I feel like setting myself on fire and throwing excrement at the TV. Which Ironically I'd rather watch.

Hulk agrees to second date with petty human! #TBBT #SheldonCooper

43 Dr Sheldon Cooper Quotes and Stuff - Clicky Pix

.This could go on both my boards, but Mayim's hotter in it (by a slim margin) so I'll put it here.

Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons - Sheldon & Amy in an alternate universe! The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon and Amy.

There are some questions you just can’t ask in a comic book store…

"Are you trying to start a rumble?" --- The Big Bang Theory. I of course would be the one starting the rumble.

Classy Big Bang Theory

Funny pictures about Classy Big Bang Theory. Oh, and cool pics about Classy Big Bang Theory. Also, Classy Big Bang Theory photos.

Leonard Nimoy napkin * the big bang theory

Sheldon gets Leonard Nimoy's DNA as a Christmas present from Penny. Sheldon: "All I need is an ovum and I can make my own Leonard Nimoy!" Penny: "All I'm giving you is the napkin!" My favourite scene from the Big Bang Theory.

Les acteurs au tout début de la série, leurs looks étaient déjà bien arrêtés...

The Big Bang Theory : les acteurs et actrices sont-ils sexy dans la vraie vie ?

Les acteurs au tout début de la série, leurs looks étaient déjà bien arrêtés...

Dammit Raj, you win! #BigBangTheory

Raj, you win // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

sheldon cooper in a maids dress. hahahahahahahaha love Sheldon

He'll do anything to meet Stephen Hawking - Sheldon Cooper in a maid outfit - The Big Bang Theory

My friend Peter is Sheldon. I have said this exact line in real life, for the same reason Penny did.

Big Bang Theory: Sheldon hugs Penny for her Christmas gift to him. one of my favorite episodes

So many kids at my school have been tested and are like him..

I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested ~ LOL ~ Sheldon - he is wonderful. In a quirky, kinda unique way. Love how he sticks to his guns! (The Big Bang Theory)