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I'm going to be this old lady someday...except the scooter isn't quite my style...but the converse totally are;)

How Can You Find Happiness? The Essentials to be Happy.

"Giddy" can be used to describe someone as foolishly happy (OED).

Cheers to all those strong father figures out there working to make a difference and be a role model in his kids' lives. brad you are the best dad to our daughter. i love you.

Yep, Steve Martin….what can I say? He's a wild and crazy funny guy with brains who can play the banjo - just about perfect in my book!

Magnolia. The most beautiful flower. I fell in love with magnolias in the garden of my friend's parents. Many a day and night spent under the magnolia tree, wine and talking, playing bocce and laughing. The scent and overwhelming size of the magnolia above. Truly beautiful.... This photo by the amazing photographer Imogen Cunningham.