Wireless, Wearable mouse The humble computer mouse is something that most of us use every day, but few of us think about. Those of us who don’t use the traditional mouse usually use either a trackball or trackpad, both of which hold the hand in an unnatural position, similar to how it would be held if you were using a mouse. And it’s been this way since the mouse was introduced in the 80s, so not many of us think about it. But the way we do computer mice might be set to change for the bet...

Silicon Swim Frogman Swimming Webbed Gloves

This is a cool concept flashlight, freedom of movement without interference from light source.

Futuristic, Meiosis Backpack


Night Vision contacts

Walking Aid for Foot Injuries- an Alternative to Crutches by Adeline Thong at Coroflot.com

The pen just got SMART: Phree lets you make calls, shows mobile notifications and lets you write notes on ANY surface for them to appear on your phone [Futuristic Gadgets: http://futuristicnews.com/category/future-gadgets/]

This air camera is amazing! #industrial #design #id

3D Mouse Lets You Control Your Computer With Hand Gestures (+VIDEO)

Oculus has figured out hand input for VR, and it's called Oculus Touch [Virtual Reality: http://futuristicnews.com/tag/virtual-reality/]

Any surface becomes a touch screen. The mind boggles.

Beyond Google Glass: 13 Real-Life Wearable Tech Inventions

Air Board gets you up and moving in style #future #technology

Functional "Cloak of Invisibility" that can make people completely invisible had been developed by Canadian company HyperStealth Biotechnology and works without cameras, batteries, or mirrors. HyperStealth Biotechnology is a Canadian company that works on camouflage fabric, the Quantum Stealth material was designed by Guy Cramer, which can bend light waves around the subject and removes visual, infrared (night vision), and thermal signatures.

Oh yeah! Back to the Future!--Scarpar: Electric skateboard that can dominate any terrain. #products #tech

Levitating computer mouse to relieve wrist strain

Silver Cordless Bluetooth Handset

These are some examples of gaming computers that use more than monitor and it takes only powerful computers to run that. Thats why some people are more confident with brands.

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Virtual Keyboard