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    Louisiana Privatize Public Schools. State by State, Republicans are destroying the public school system

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    • Charles Heo

      Louisiana to Privatize Public Schools... I thought Hurricane Katrina was the most devastating thing to happen to Louisiana until I read this.

    • Hana Like

      Louisiana Privatize Public Schools. State by State, Republicans are destroying the public school system

    • LC T

      Louisiana Makes Bold Bid To Privatize Public Education - I do not pay taxes to support other people's religious views and I certainly don't support the idea of my tax dollars going to religious based schools. This is the beginning of the end of our country. Republicans want to turn our country into a religious theocracy base for the masses. More dumbing down of poor Americans so they will not be educated in civics or any other subjects that might expand their minds.

    • thispositivelife

      Louisiana Privatize Public Schools

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