Beautiful tiger cub. If only we could stop all poaching and allow such a beautiful species to flourish once again!

Cub--Look at that Face!

Sleepy father

OMG stop, I can't. even. handle. the. cuteness.

Stop mom, that tickles!

Lion cubs.. Buddies have to stick together. Bonds like this are broken every day. YOU can make the difference.

Seriously? Adorable.


"It's good to be King!"

proppin u up

just loooooooove all the fabulous photos of these incredible big cats that Pinterest has shown me since joining. Sooooo much more amazing and intereting than all the 'real life killing shows' on PBS. I don't watch them anymore. Rather see all these incredibly sensitive pins of the cats and their families. I know they kill to eat, but I don't want to watch them do it.

Even baby tigers hate when their mom cleans their #cute baby Animals|

An example of what we can grow into

Sleeping tiger cub <3


Sweet love


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African Lion Mother and Cub, Tanzania Photograph by Mitsuaki Iwago, Minden Pictures. The light off her ears and the Plus I have a thing for big cats.