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Handy Chart: How much food and drink for a party

Fun Birthday Party

Best K-5th grade reading comprehension lessons ever! Kids independently practice fluency with rappers and rockers, and after each reading session, there are interactive quizzes that get harder day by day. The more you know, the more you show. Teacher created, brain-based and a planning time saver.

Book themed party

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"I Can Show You The World": "boarding pass" invite- Enrichment with sisters "traveling" to different countries to learn fun customs, clothes and try food. Airplane ride in a cramped hall with peanuts & drinks and stewardess is a must! Had fun before, let's do it again!

Books as party favors

Party Favors


Book exchange party

drink set up

great idea for a tea party

Books Make Me Happy HAHA, FUNNY!

Every geeky book lover needs one of these gadgets.