medical glove Christmas trees

4in blown glass Nurse Ornament on Etsy, $15.00

{Kayla Danelle Blog} I would label all of the containers with medical tags i.e. IV fluids ~ Saline Solution, Urine Samples, Blood for Transfusions and have the colors reflect the fluids. I do like the set-up.

"Sterile Gloves" at my Nursing Graduation Party!

"How to make a (medical) Glove Christmas Tree!" Nerdy Nurse (the techie RN!) teaches how to make the "fun festive" Medical/Nursing Trees...and even one made from Clean Urinals and Red/Green Ribbon! I love seeing these in Docs offices, on the units, ect! *Make sure u are reading The Nerdy Nurses Blog! -kjm 12/25/13

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47 Medical-Surgical Nursing Flashcards & Memory Aids | NurseBuff #Nurse #Mnemonics #Flashcards

Common medical prefixes and postfixes (my son would love this)

it helps medic, nursing, medical, and PA students learn to interpret EKG rhythms, and is really neat!

Nursing School: Medical Surgical Nursing Mnemonics

Nursing School: Medical Surgical Nursing Mnemonics

Decorations can include Medical supply containers and a tablecloth of hospital gowns. Medical themed graduation party!

Nursing School: Medical Surgical Nursing Mnemonics

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Worst freaking jinx known to medical kind! Say this, and you will have a patient go into cardiac arrest, another will fall, and somebody will be either vomiting or having diarrhea by shift's end. Don't say it. PERIOD.

Glove Balloons ~ Nurse graduation / medical themed party

Nursing School: Medical Surgical Nursing Mnemonics

Lab Christmas wreaths

and this is true...