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From high #protein to probiotics, pet-specific nutrition plans can bring out the best in your four-legged friend. (Photo Credit: cains.2014)

From high protein to probiotics, discover the benefits of pet-specific nutrition plans. (Photo Credit: blancothesamoyed)

Looking to change up your dog's diet? Read up on these tips before the transition. (Photo Credit: lovisandwilgot)

Nutritional needs may vary from dog to dog, but larger breeds have even more requirements. Learn how to properly feed your big breed. (Photo Credit: blondeandbrindle_)

Paleo-inspired diets are a natural alternative to your pet's current regimen. (Photo Credit: cascadiannomads)

Spring is the perfect time to get your pup into shape. These tips can help. (Photo Credit: joanneradelet)

When your dog enters his older years, nothing means more to his health than proper nutrition. Learn more diet plans for senior dogs. (Photo Credit: maxiandbella)

From jaw size to energy level, many factors determine your dog's diet. Find out how breed-specific diets cater to your dog's needs. (Photo Credit:

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