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love it & live by it.

Life is too short~I love this and need to read this daily to remind myself of this when others offend or hurt my feelings that I care about and remember not everyone is on my side or has my best interest at heart

A Woman: Easy No Sew Fleece Blanket Edging

I'm going to make this part of our daily morning prayer. Dear God, please keep your hand over my mouth. I'll read verses about the tongue.

the south.....and oh the tree frogs singing at night!

the south.what I wouldn't give to once again sit on the front porch of the southern homes I grew up in with my Mama!

Small town in South Alabama

I grew up where I could see the stars, drinkin' sweet tea from a mason jar. I'm just a small town girl and that's all I'll ever be.

Grits Girls Raised in the South Graphics | This image is from http://www.gritsinc.com/

Translation Tuesday: Grits

Experience true southern hospitality from all our warm, welcoming staff at the Hampton Inn in Round Rock, Texas

Southern Hospitality ~ it is part of our charm! It is what entices people to come back to see us and to relocate to the South!

{thisgreeneyedgirl} graphic How to Act More Southern

8 Days to Go: Exporting Southernality

I'm in no way southern. But there sure is something to be said about southern hospitality and a southern belle ❤️

THE SOUTH - U.S. | Southern Traditions: I take them with me wherever I go.   #southern #hospitality #manners

THE SOUTH - Southern Traditions to take with you. I do most of these things so I guess I'm bringing the south with me

#SouthernCharm Tip #91: Master a Simple Centerpiece

Secrets to Southern Charm