I almost put this in the "Things I Want on Me" board, but...it's better this way

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Way to funny lol

so funny!

This is funny too

A brilliant idea for an app to prevent you from ever oversleeping again.



'Satan is Waitin' underwear

Lace petticoat circa 1905 | The House of Beccaria#

Women who don't wear underwear never get their panties in a bunch....so true ;)

So true!!!! :(

Dear God, Please let me win tonight's Mega Millions lotto so I can prove that money can buy happiness.

Muy cierto! jeje

Very funny!

Just plain awesome. PENIS!!!!!

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Folded Banknote Shape Pillow US dollar by chicsindesigndotcom, $65.00

This was too funny not to pin

black ankle boot these remind me of the Steve Madden ones I used to have :3