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  • Brook Benson

    Disregard the quote.. Look at the picture. The water is your gifts, your resources, your love, your time, it's what you've got. How often do we withhold it from those who need it? Pride chokes the flow of the Holy Spirit's work through you! It refuses to give of itself. You know the Source of life-giving water! Why not share this endless supply with those who need it??

  • Zach Green

    I have a hard time reconciling the fact that we were meant to be a Christian nation in our value system, but a capitalist country when it comes to my economy. One is all about loving your neighbor and serving others, while the other is doing whatever it takes to bring wealth and success to yourself.

  • Burning Empire Media

    This is not a product of "Capitalism" it is a product of food storage and changes that occurred during the agricultural revolution. THOUSANDS of years prior to Capitalism. Capitalism makes those charities, you're so fond of, that attempt to feed some of these children possible. (Oh wait that's right you didn't donate to those charities, you just pin stupid pictures while collecting checks.) Read a fucking book.

  • Emily, justemily

    PLUTOCRAT$ rule Planet Earth | #Affluence #Greed #Deregulation #Privatization #Outsourcing #Plunder #WarProfiteering #Oil/ChemicalPipelines #Fracking #Nukes #BigAg #GMOs /// #Poverty #Famine #Unemployment #Illiteracy #Deforestation #AirPollution #Biohazards #SuperStorms #OilSpills #WMDs #NuclearAccidents #ToxicWater #OceanDieOffs #GeneticMutations #Cancer #DrugResistantSuperbugs #Pandemics #GlobalClimateChange #HumanExtinction

  • David Jones

    Financial giant makes $400 million as high-risk commodity trading pushes already fragile food system to breaking point As the world's most vulnerable populations succumb to surging global food prices—driven in part by drought, climate change, and a global food system increasingly vulnerable to the whims of commodity speculation—Goldman Sachs has managed to turn the poverty and suffering of others into profits for itself.

  • Daddy Cat

    Goldman Sach's Food Speculation Turns Global Hunger Into Wall Street Profit - David Icke Website

  • Ms S

    powerful truth

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