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  • Steve Ascani

    George Takei's Gay Test - Imgur - - If I thought the guy looked like a jock and the chair looked functional, does that make me an engineer?

  • Diane Nelson

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  • Elle E

    Quick test for men

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funny joke: u say: OMG DID U HEAR?? some actress got accosted in central park!! Yah like... uh blonde? Shes really famous!! I think she was stabbed!! Uh.. Reese something? they say: Witherspoon? u say: No! With a knife probably :)

I just laughed out loud for a good 2 minutes solid. Then I looked at it again and cracked up again.

Funny Meme Of Steve Jobs and Bill

This is probably about how it happened.

i was gonna make willow a mermaid for halloween... but i guess she'd just turn out to be a seal. still neat.

Oh so true.....The floor in a teenage girl's bedroom is the the cleanest in the house---3 hrs. after she moved in it gets covered in a protective layer of clothes that never get picked up.

dysfunctional valentine hearts

I remember getting this in an email forever ago. Still really funny. I have noticed that I no longer get joke emails - I think they are all posted on Fb now :-)

I actually noticed how hot Catwoman looks in that tight leather outfit!