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Modern wedding bouquet featuring unusual wire trails

Unusual bouquets and ideas are hard to find among wedding and bridal flowers that all look much the same. Unique ideas for your brides bouquet.

Per la sposa, bouquet di orchidee e rose

Per la sposa, bouquet di orchidee e rose

Pink Sweet William and Ranunculus. will be glad to create this look for you.

I've never seen sweet William In a bouquet like this before Spring Gallery @ Floret Flower Farm

Delicate & feminine lace treatment on this white anenome bouquet

Green & white bouquet Bridal bouquet made of white ranunculas collared by green arabicum and finished in an eyelet inspired lace. Created by Carissa Jones-Jowett of JL DESIGNS.

Jose Villa | Fine Art Weddings

I have tried film photography - and really want to get some experience. Jose Villa is a great inspiration to me as a film shooter.