Behavior Clip Chart - Rainbow Polka Dot - Classroom Management #

Behavior Clip Chart - Rainbow Polka Dot - Classroom Management

Behavior Clip Chart - Rainbow Polka Dot - Classroom Management love that the "good" kids get to be recognized too! Positive reinforcement always works!

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Clip Chart Companion- Management Forms and Reward Printables

Classroom Management, also good for student self monitoring: Making Smart Choices sheet - Behavior note that has student taking personal responsibility.make room for a description, hand written by the child.

Superhero Clip Chart Adorable Behavior Clip Chart, ha I love this!!!!

Super Hero Behavior Chart - We already use this concept in Pre-K. Will turn my chart over to label like this to go with my Super Hero theme!

Lovin' the Clip Chart. I've seen this work very well! The jewels are a sparkly addition!

Behavior management- What I like about the clip chart is that students have chances to move back up the clip chart if their behavior improves; their day isn't over if they have to move down.

Behavior Management from First Grade Fanatics: Welcome to room 4!

It gives students the opportunity to move up the chart with good behavior instead of merely punishing the negative. I use this in my room except I have mine on a yard stick to make it portable. Really good classroom management tool :)

A good idea...maybe not for high school...but great for my elementary teacher friends...

Cool idea - clipchart for behaviour management. Note though - the picture has 32 clips on it, you would need a system like this with that many kids in your class!

It is attractive and useful for low grade students to reflect themselves at the end of the day.

This is a behavior chart that can be placed on the wall of the classroom, students named can have velcro on the back and be moved to the different squares based on their classroom behavior.

Manage student behavior with this completely editable caterpillar behavior clip chart! You can change the color of the caterpillar sections, the background paper color and the text to meet your exact needs. By Pink Cat Studio

Behavior Clip Chart - Rainbow Caterpillar Classroom Decoration

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I love this behavior system. It allows you to reward good behavior as well as redirect poor choices. students but just the class as a whole