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I'm just calling to let you know my Facebook status has nothing to do with you.

Your life will be amazing someday if your Pinterest page is any indication of things to come.

There has been no better description of ever.

You also never know how awesome your friends are until you have to attempt to make new ones!! Seriously. I have awesome friends :)

Yes, we are aware of how obnoxious we are when we are together. No, we dont care. Karina Paje C

it's true! I swear I change my password every time I have to relog into my email because I don't remember what HAD to be in it the time before and can't have anything you have had in the last 3 years!!, so stupid!!

A penny for YOUR thoughts seems a little pricey.

Intelligence Test on Penny by Sheldon

:) omg this is so me and tev our baby squirrel we saved had parents even if he says they didnt

Penny really should not be so offended by these questions after so long, especially from Sheldon, it should be expected