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I love kissing. And I just adore black and white kiss photos. Now I am no fool, I know the images below are just fabrications of romantic i.

then you realize they're newlyweds... like my 70-something-year-old bus driver and his third wife :(

i want to be this happy when i'm old. old people in love are so sweet & precious. i love it.

Height of love...

Funny pictures about Goodbye kiss. Oh, and cool pics about Goodbye kiss. Also, Goodbye kiss.

9 Tips for Couples Travel around the world

Tips for Couples Travel: Learn to laugh a lot. Try not to sweat the small stuff and find stupid things to laugh at. When you are spending the majority of your moments in joy then everything else flows so well and travel, the whole life, becomes fun.

Pose = Footprints Trail ... Add the Footprints Poem in a Side-By-Side Frame

Makes me think of the footprints we just left in the sand on our honeymoon. Love walks on the beach.

Faye Dunaway/Steve McQueen ( a movie kiss but what a KISS!~)

Such an iconic photo. Steve McQueen & Faye Dunaway from "The Thomas Crown Affair" ~ 1968 Inspiration by

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

I love with all my heart and I will love for the rest of my life You are all that I want and more than anything I want to make you happy. I want to grow old with You

I don’t want anyone else to have your heart,  kiss your lips, or be in your arms because that’s only my place.

50 Most Romantic Love Quotes To Use In Your Wedding Vows

Let it be Me that that he wants, need, desires and prays for. I want to be his fantasy that comes alive only for him

Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty and loving you is my life.  @michaelsusanno @emmammerrick @emmasusanno  #TwinFlamesTravelingtheUniverseTogetherMARRIEDforETERNITYwiththeir6CHILDREN  #LoveQuotes #BLONDESDOITBETTER #BLONDESHAVEMOREFUN

Heartfelt Quotes: Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty and loving you is my life.

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UPSIDE DOWN KISS. A new way to capture a romantic kiss with this unique angle. Very sweet, very romantic wedding photo.

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Regular contributor Emma writes about soulmates. and why we'll almost certainly be meeting more than one of them! Emma says: Once up.

Red Velvet Kiss Cookies - the most delicious, fun, festive and ROMANTIC cookies you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting!

Red Velvet Kiss Cookies

These Red Velvet Kiss Cookies would be perfect for any special occasion! They& fun, delicious, festive . and quite romantic!