Pretty and eco friendly jewelry packaging

Jewellery Envelopes Jewelry Packaging Wrapping by MoreStashPlease, £2.50

Pretty packaging

Jewelry package idea.


Pretty fabric tape. Seen on Nabe Fabric.

pretty packaging


so pretty

jewellery packaging

pretty packaging

Cute small gift packaging- Tin can covered in fabric or paper, fabric glued to inside top of can and tied off with a bow!

Idea: Ring packaging

Small Pillow Box, recycled Kraft or choice of colors, 12 wedding favor boxes, DIY jewelry packaging, gift box. $12,50, via Etsy.

Love this as a way to give jewelry - pretty packaging

pretty peonies

simple and pretty packaging

Pretty #Jewelry #Packaging. #Craft

stamped fabric bag envelopes, with ribbon so pretty

pretty soap packaging

packaging (eco friendly)