Great idea to create more seating

10 Unique Furniture Design Ideas Inspired by Nature - Butterfly bench, original garden furniture design idea

Potted fairy garden.

I want it!!

Water feature - I would love to have this ... maybe without water and with trailing plants. Gotta think about this.

Swan bench

Seats that look like typewriter keys.


i like an outdoor bench indoors.

Interesting sink!

Dresser to Bench.jpg : like this for sitting down in the foyer to put on shoes. The drawer would give extra hidden storage for things that stay by the door--like my husband's badge and pager.

Great idea for portable seating Would be great around the fire pit

Now THIS is a Fire Pit!!!

A great idea for grandparents...a kid's seat that you don't need to stash in a closet 90% of the time!

Love this bench

Vintage teak 1960s telephone seat - vintage mustard!

Oak Cherry and Mountain Laurel Garden Bench

Bench around a tree

// bench

Perfect idea for the swing without a porch! This is really a great idea... | protractedgarden