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PR symbol


/ Erratum// Continuous line typeface. For the win.

This shape is minimal but still manages to be quite organic. The curves suggest wood knots and natural forms.

Minimalist Alphabet -- Isn't it amazing how our brains can interpret just a tiny bit of the letter?

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Wired typography is quite unique and interesting as it is different from usual typefaces, I particularly like the amount of work gone into the construction of each letter. The level of detail is magnificent and adds depth to each letter.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson - Minimalist Illustration – Design Different


perfect font for the words "wild rose." the "wild" looks a little crazy, "wild" and free while "rose" is classic, clean, and pretty.

Washingtonian Magazine April 2014 - Jill De Haan

Take-action typography exploration


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D by Darren Booth

B IS FOR BAG typography | graphic design |logo design | graphics | art | typography | writing

Hand-lettered Holiday Poster #calligraphy #handlettering

I really like this for a logo. It is very simple and typographic. I like how a simple logo that can be put on many things easily and can be reduced to a small size.