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"Paris" typeface my Moshik Nadav Typography.




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ampersand typography - these would be cool framed

Ballet Lorraine | Les Graphiquants//


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PARISI awesome font style

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845 West End Avenue - Logo

Venamour Edition - Winter 2012

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Typography I like this print because the letters are in a cool font and the different shades make it interesting like they are shadows

Ideas: Hand type by Noel Shiveley

Paris New Typeface by Moshik Nadav

Meher says: This type poster fascinates me. I remember making type poster for type 1. I chose didot, and remember trying so many different variations. This was forms a very interesting design, at the same time the word firmn didot is very clear, and then text is laid in a well thought of place at the bottom. @Cathy Ellison Huynh-Sison #GR617-OB2-FA12 #GreatDesign #Mod2-4 #pin12

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