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Like: The use of a serif font and the simple but interesting shapes twigs create. Interesting use of typography .

Cool font

Cool font

Cool font

This shows good visual embellishment because new york in it of itself is very compact. The letter form is also compact and you can find the other letters you need right around the corner. also new york has a lot of rectangular shapes because of the many buildings, which is emphasizes withe the almost rectangular shape of the logo

From up Northfrom From up North

Typography inspiration

Hand Lettering. must try on larger scale.

Venamour Edition - Winter 2012 - typography, layout, design

The Casual Optimistfrom The Casual Optimist


This font allows me to include the Rap and Rock/Indie influences that my audience enjoys - due to the sharpness of some shapes and the used of lines to fill in the space.

Typography I like this print because the letters are in a cool font and the different shades make it interesting like they are shadows